extracting username

Forgive my ignorance ya'll. I'm trying to extract a username from a
table using the user id.

I've tried:
@authenticated_user = User.find(:first, :select => "login", :conditions
=> "id = '1'")
@authenticated_user = User.find_by_sql("select login from users where

within an action that corresponds to a view that has <%=
@authenticated_user %>, and all I get for output is:

If you look at the html page source, you'll find that the output is
actually #<User:0x0290483> - the browser does not display the <...>

What the ActiveRecord find method returns you if you give it a select
statement explicitly is an object instance of the model class, with
the fields in the select statement. So @authenticated_user.login will

I don't see a reason though why you can't pull the whole user out of
the database - why do you only want the login field? There's a lot
more typing involved, which means it's almost certainly wrong :wink: