Extracting the name of the template I am yielding

Hey guys,

I'm trying to extract the name of the template I am currently to be yielding from my layout, but with no success. Does anyone know how to do that?

Suppose I am calling the MainController#create action. On failure to create my erm...Main object it re-renders the 'new' template. I'd like to know in the layout which template I am going to render so that I can access a help system which can dynamically include help information depending on which template I am rendering at the time. Then no matter what controller or what action I am calling at the time, as long as I have the template name I can display the same information.

Any ideas?


Hey Rob -
I think I understand the question

Is this what you're looking for:

template will return the full name of the current template

if you stick it in your layout it'll just render the name of the

If you stick it in each template (a little more work) then it'll
return the name of the template.

Id stick this in an application_helper like so:

def this_temp

This hacks of the filetype extention (html.erb) leaving just the name

Calling this in the view will give you
<%= this_temp %> => mains/new

Hope that helps?

Thanks for the help Gavin, it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Its a
bit of a weird one. Given a particular layout I want to know the name of
the template that is used in the

<%= yield %>

Which is a bit weird, I know. I would imagine that the results of the
yield are just a big string, by which time its a bit late to work out
what the name of the template I just rendered was.

Hmmzzz. Thanks all the same :slight_smile:


Gavin wrote:

Could you explain the problem in a little more depth?

Maybe there's another way to achieve what you're trying to do, aside
from finding the template name?