extracting tables content from a document in ruby

How to extract table contents from a doc,docx and pdf using ruby on
rails .Please reply as soon as possible
   Thank You..!!!

Try this:


Hmmm… dunno whether to laugh or cry…

Definitely don't cry.

Unless you're the customer :wink:

I know Kristen was being rather tongue-in-cheek, however, there is a
truism there as well; I get guys doing 2 things:

1) rushing in to help me in ways I don't really want
2) discounting my work and ideas

Of course, this is by no means universal; I have male-identified
co-workers who are just fabulous and don't do this sort of thing at
all. And there can be some female-identified acquaintances who do 1 &
2 quite a lot as well.