Exploding active record results

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I’ve got a table that stores events with a recurrence pattern. I found a stored procedure that will generate occurrence dates for an event between a start and end date.

What I’m wondering is how to go about exploding a result set. For instance, if I have one row for an event, but there are 5 dates it falls on that are calculated on demand (not stored), how can I query with AREL to return 5 events, with the same data for each field plus a new field “date” that will contain the date of the occurrence?

For instance, if the original table contained fields a, b, and c - the result of this method/query would be 5 objects with fields a, b, and c - but also one that stores the date.

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Would you be able to show the raw SQL and the raw output of it (e.g. in psql or mysql) if

you have that easily available?



It’s based loosely on this post:

Basically I have events in the database with recurrence patterns. I want to return multiple instances of the same row per event over a range. I’ll need to show these occurrences for a variety of purposes (daily calendar view, summarized totals of things done during the occurrences) so if I can find a way to expose the occurrences as a hash or active record objects that I can then join via AREL that would be optimal.



I haven't been following the discussion too closely, but couldn't you either switch to IceCube (https://github.com/seejohnrun/ice_cube) or maybe let some of the code inspire you?

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