Experienced Developer, Avail. half time mpw

Hello everyone,

I’d like to find a half-time rails development project that starts right away! I’ve just finished a very long-term contract, but wanting to work half-time right now (half time on my own project). I’m looking for a good group of people to work with, fun project, ideally something that does some good in the world. My rate? Relatively modest, from what I hear, depending.

I’ve finished a long-term contract building an enterprise system at a biotech company, the third in a series of clean, tight lab apps built on
our own framework to be DRY and simple. I’m a journeyman developer: the last 6 years working mostly with Ruby and Rails, prior to that a Smalltalk developer, earlier on at Apple in the Multimedia Lab. I’d work remotely or be happy to come in if you’re local to the SF bay area.

Thanks warmly,

Steve Enzer