executing jar files from within rails app

I have a rails app and a jar file.
I want my jar file to execute when the user presses a button on the
Please tell me how to do that.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation. :slight_smile:

You can use system call to execute jar file.

# Change to the directory where jar resides
Dir.chdir("#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/<dirname>/") do

# Execute jar
retResult = system("<path to java> -jar <jarname> <args 1> <args
2> .. <args n> ")

if retResult
  Jar executes succesfully
  error in executing jar file.

end #chdir


Thanks a lot for your reply,
I tried to do that but not getting it...
Can you please give an example to it...

Thank you Senling.
That worked perfectly fine. No need of an example now. :slight_smile:


# create a diretory named 'jars' (any name) inside public directory
and move your jar file inside this directory.

def exjar

args1= ""
args2 = ""

    Dir.chdir("#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/jars/") do

      # i'm using linux environment. If windows environment, change
the path to the java according to the java directory installed in your

      retResult = system("/home/user1/java/jdk1.6.0_07/bin/java -jar
Sample.jar #{args1} #{args2}")

    end #chdir


If you get error while running this, please post the error here.


Hey Senling...
Can you please tell me one more thing...
I have posted a topic on this group about sending database table data
to text files... I humbly request you to please reply to that.

Here is the link...