Executing a model from two different controllers - one controller requires authenticated access the other doesn't

My appllication uses a "Video" table. I have a video_controller and
associated video model

The video_controller requirs the user to login to the system.
class VideoController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :login_required

When I initially wrote code for the Video model, I assumed that only
authenticated users would read, write Video records. Hence, I've got
code in the model such as:
    @dir = 'public/uploaded_videos' + "/" + User.current_user.id

The above works fine when a logged in user accesses video functions on
the site.

Now, I want to display a list of videos on the Index/home page of the
web application. Users who access the web page don't need to log in to
the system.

I created a home_controller with an index method.
def index
    @videos = Video.find(:all, :conditions => ["public = 0"], :select =>
['id, file_name, file_size,thumbnail'])


Whenever, this method is executed, RoR makes a call to the video.rb
file and fails on the following line:
@dir = 'public/uploaded_videos' + "/" + User.current_user.id

It's failing because User.current_user.id is null. This value is only
populated when a user logs into the system.

How can I get around this particular issue?

Thank you. That worked perfectly.

I had previsouly tried using an if statement with the same condition:
# if !(User.current_user.nil?)
# DIRECTORY = 'public/uploaded_videos' + "/" + User.current_user.id
# end
It seemed like the if statement was being ignored.

@dir is being called from other methods within the model. I'm using it
ti define the destination file path for encoded video files.