.exe creation

Hi ,

  i am trying to create a .exe for my application using rubyscript2exe. and it is showing following error when i run the command ruby rubyscript2exe.rb application.rb .

Tracing intello erp ... intello erp.rb doesn't contain an init.rb . Gathering files... Copying files... Stripping... Creating intello erp_linux ... EEE: Couldn't open: "intello" /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/ftools.rb:59:in `stat': No such file or directory - /tmp/oldandnewlocation.7083/intello erp_linux (Errno::ENOENT)   from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/ftools.rb:59:in `syscopy'   from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/ftools.rb:89:in `copy'   from /tmp/tar2rubyscript.d.7083.1/rubyscript2exe/init.rb:413   from rubyscript2exe.rb:610:in `load'   from rubyscript2exe.rb:610   from rubyscript2exe.rb:559:in `newlocation'   from rubyscript2exe.rb:487:in `newlocation'   from rubyscript2exe.rb:454:in `newlocation'   from rubyscript2exe.rb:487:in `newlocation'   from rubyscript2exe.rb:559:in `newlocation'   from rubyscript2exe.rb:603

Please help me out in solving this problem . thanks for your reply .

I would consider rubyscript2exe dead. According to http://rubygems.org/gems/rubyscript2exe the last release is over 6 years old. The official docs say it is tested with Ruby 1.8.2 which is not maintained any more for about a year now and it says it is tested with rubygems 0.8, woody is very old, IIRC we have 1.5 as current rubygems.

Also in the projects documentation it is said that rubyscript2exe were GPL, but I couldn’t find the source code anywhere, it is not linked from the docs nor from rubygems.org.

If you really need a standalone executable I would really suggest to us a language that is meant to create one, like c or c++.

Also I really don’t see much sense in exefying a trails application.

Probably you are just searching for a good way to depot and totally got it wrong?

Please explain why you want to have a standalone rails executable and we can probably tell you a better way to achieve a similar goal.

I’ve had great success using ocra


the nice thing about it is you can tie it to an innosetup script and generate a windows installer w wizard etc, along w all those niceties such as being able to add tasks to the windows scheduler etc


Ocra is windows only,but the OP uses a *nix. So ocra isn’t a help.

well then neither is creating a .exe :confused:


Thank you for reply folks .

why i want to have a standalone rails executable is , i just want my clients to feel easy to run the project , if we give it as a one click installer, it would be easier for them to use the application .This is the main reason behind creating a . EXE for rails .

     And can't we create a .EXE in Ubuntu OS using the above mentioned gems ?i.e., rubyscript2exe .

   please tell me how can i create a .EXE for my application in Ubuntu .

you can't create exe for Ubuntu

exe are windows ONLY

you may want to look at deb pkg creation

or maybe a ruby gem depending on your needs


Okay ,so we should try creating a .exe in windows only i guess.

then would you please provide me the right way of steps to be followed to create .exe in windows .

or suggest me how to create a executable for my application in Ubuntu.?

You won’t find much information about this because it’s a really uncommon way of deploying a Rails application.

Nearly all Rails apps are deployed to a server and then accessed over the network - even if you had a self-contained .exe you’d need to launch it and then visit the application in your browser.

Can you clarify exactly what the intent is for the “one-click installer”?

–Matt Jones