Essential Mac Software

[...] } > Are you planning on using WinMerge via Parallels? It's pretty clunky } > that way. I love it better than any current merge tool for Mac, so I } > keep a networked Win XP PC next to my mac to do the merging with } > WinMerge. I am also about 1/2 way done with a Cocoa replacement for } > WinMerge that mimics its layout and methodology. If you have found a } > better way to run WinMerge on a Mac besides Parallels, then PLEASE let } } Have you looked at FileMerge from the Apple Developer Tools?

The best file merging tool I have ever used is actually gvim -d (a.k.a. gvimdiff). It lets me edit two files, side-by-side, with a live syntax-colored diff in my favorite editor. I can move text from one side to the other trivially, and see character-by-character differences (e.g. lines that are almost the same except for a word or two will show exactly where in the line they differ). Even better, it's available on all major platforms (*nix, Mac, Windows), so I don't have to give it up or run another OS in emulation if I'm on a platform I don't usually use.

} Craig Beck --Greg

Why don’t you just use Locomotive and TextMate? I’ve found it’s everything I need so far. For MySQL access, I can get everything using Terminal.