Error on deploying using rbenv, Passenger, and capistrano

Hi, I created Rails App (Use Rails 7) locally using WSL2 ubuntu and want to deploy at VPS, I following this tutorial Deploy Ruby On Rails to Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa (2022 Update) | GoRails to deploy and this video How To Quickly Deploy Your Project To Production With Ruby On Rails 6 And Capistrano - YouTube for a more detailed process when deploying, but the version is not the same with video and I think it’s not a problem because only adapting version.

But I when deploying my website on production showing an error with > from debug.rb in rbenv. image

when I check the content is image

which if I thought is $SAFE is nil:NilClass and i try to delete ifblock make a new error ( warning: callcc is obsolete; use Fiber instead Debug.rb)

How can I do to deploy my app without any error? Thank you for reading or/and reply my problem.