Hi all

can anyone give me a tip what is "DEPRECATION WARNING: use: should have_many. (called from block in <class:PhraseTest> at test/unit/phrase_test.rb:6)"

when i command "rake test" I have installed shoulda (2.11.3)

plzz help

It is just what it sounds like: a warning that some method, or constant, or whatever it is that you are trying to access, is scheduled to be deprecated in the near future. That is, it will be sent to byte heaven with a few swift swipes of the delete key on next versions of whatever tool it is you are using, which seems to be shoulda in your case. I take it your tests aren’t failing because of that?

Paulo Muggler

my test is simple as   context 'validation of phrase model' do

   should_validate_presence_of :name    should_validate_presence_of :category_id    should_ensure_length_is_range :name, (2..128)

   should_have_many :languages    should_have_many :translations    should_have_many :pictograph_sets end

but why it does warn me with that error?

Shoulda is telling you that you should write "should have_many", not "should_have_many".

~ jf

So that you know that you will have to change your code sometime in the future if you upgrade the gem version.