Error message translation

If you look at the Rails API, you can see the the source of the method:

def error_messages_for(object_name, options = {})
  options = options.symbolize_keys
  object = instance_variable_get("@#{object_name}")
  if object && !object.errors.empty?
    options[:header_tag] || "h2",
    "#{pluralize(object.errors.count, "error")} prohibited this #{object_name.to_s.gsub("_", " ")} from being saved"
     ) +
    content_tag("p", "There were problems with the following fields:") +
    content_tag("ul", object.errors.full_messages.collect { |msg| content_tag("li", msg) }),
    "id" => options[:id] || "errorExplanation", "class" => options[:class] || "errorExplanation"

Modify this and override it, or just modify the file in place:

Marty Jansen wrote: