Error in View....

Hello, 'm new to RoR. I was facing one prob and 'm unable to figure out my mistake. can anyone pls help me?

the error is

put <%end%>

Still the same error… May I know, Can the extension of View file be .html.erb ??? I heard that it should be .rhtml. But in my case rails auto generated it with extension .html.erb

whn u use scaffold rails auto generate the view files with the extension .html.erb it can be either .rhtml or html.erb

the problem is with the variable that ur using :frowning: u can’t use Page bcz itz a key word

for ex request,Page,response … (these are the key words so u cant use them)

change ur variable name to page or some thing else

Hurre... Changing Page to page worked.. Thanks alot... :slight_smile:

did u get fixed??

Yea, I was able to fix the error... The prob was with variable name(Page) as u said. Thanks again.