Error in Polymorphic association with Devise gem

I am creating a Polymorphic association with Devise Gem in Rails 4 but when saving the form, the data of the User is not saving. In console it is showing “Unpermitted parameters: user”.

The main idea is that there are two types of users organizer and vendor each has different fields in registration form so i want each to have respective registration form but a single signin form…code is pasted here

Thanks to all in advance.

I’m pretty sure the error is in the register_params of the organiser controller, but I don’t know why it’s happening. it looks like you have the correct formats. When you have “f.fields_for :user” it will pass the parameters as [user][email], [user][first_name], etc. It looks to me like it’s seeing a parameter [user], it isn’t permitted in the strong parameters, and it’s throwing an error. However, you have accepts_nested_attributes_for defined and usually when you use the hash user_attributes in strong parameters, rails takes care of that. You might try the following:

params.require(:organiser).permit(:city, :mobile, user: [:first_name, :last_name, … , :authenticable_type])

if that works, I’m not sure why it’s necessary. When I have time, I’ll try to play with this. The only difference between this and other instances I’ve seen of this type of structure is that in this case, both the parent and the associated child record are new vs other situations where the parent is already established and you’re adding a new child record. sorry I haven’t really given you a definitive answer here but hopefully it will give you some ideas on where to focus your efforts.

Did you try permit(user_attributes: []) (setting it as an array)? That's necessary for any non-scalar attribute in strong parameters.