Error if i don't have 'create' method in user_controller and only have 'new' method

I'm trying with chapter 7 in RailsTutorial and have code in user_controller:

def new   @user = end

def create   @user =[:user])   if     redirect_to root_url, :notice => "Signed up!"   else     render "new"   end end

if I remove 'create' method and Running App then have error :

The action 'create' could not be found for UsersController I don't know why have to 'create' method'? and how to fix this problem if not using 'create' method. Thanks....

Sorry,I can know about this problem. I think after click in submit Form and Post action of Form is called and in Route :

POST /users(.:format) users#create this is reason that this app have to do 'create' method