Hi ,

I'm getting this error "Errno::EINVAL in Home#home_page"

where home_page contains periodic_remote_call

The error is shown in the line

<%= myblogpost_homepage.created_at.strftime '%d' %><sup><%= date_to_ordinal(myblogpost_homepage.created_at.strftime '%d') %></sup>&nbsp;<%= myblogpost_homepage.created_at.strftime '%b' %>&nbsp;<%= myblogpost_homepage.created_at.strftime '%Y' %>

The trace is app/views/blogposts/_myblogpost_homepage.html.erb:9:in `write'

am i doing something wrong ?

Please help. Thanks

This blog post might be of some help:

On a different note, you can create string from time this way also: <%= myblogpost_homepage.created_at.strftime(“%d %b %Y”) %>

Thanks, Abhinav