Equality Problems

Below is a snip of code that I'm having problems with the test in the .each method alway will return false and I don't have a clue why. Could someone please help?

@id=params[:id]     @qty=params[:qty]     print "ID=", @id     print " QTY=", @qty,"\n"     @cart.items.each{|x| print "ProdID=",x.product.id," QTY=",x.quantity," ",(x.quantity==(@qty)),"\n"}

Here is the output of the code above

ID=8 QTY=1 ProdID=8 QTY=1 false ProdID=5 QTY=1 false ProdID=7 QTY=1 false ProdID=8 QTY=2 false ProdID=8 QTY=3 false ProdID=7 QTY=2 false

@qty is a string, x.quantity is an integer and so the 2 are never equal