Enterprise Software is all about wizards

Would any one else say that enterprise systems (+150 tables) are mainly consisted of wizards.

I think it is accurate to say that many enterprise systems have highly railroaded interaction methods, like Wizard abuse and very deep menu structure.

The flow in the software from screen to screen is looselt based on how the business flows, and is required to be very structured. From screen to screen the options available to the user are very limited. There is not much freedom and the user is not overwhelmed with options.

This is because they don't have the resources to make a proper design. Much of the UI matches the way that additions are made - if functionality is bolted on, it gets bolted-on UI interaction.

Complex applications require wizards. For simple applications wizards are not required.

Thats bad UI dogma. I don't think that Rails should adopt the weakest UI structures just because they are prevalent in the industry.

Economic constraints on the development of large in-house enterprise systems force them frequently to take a non-systems approach to ongoing development. You often get duplicated database tables for instance, or the reverse, over-fat GUIs that are artificially creating table relationships in code, because the schema is untouchable. These systems typically have the worst UIs imaginable, and force their users through wizards, byzantine menus, etc. because its the only way that they can reliably enter data.