Enterprise menu - yet another try on creating internal DSL for defining menus - easy of course!

Hi guys,

I've created 'emenu' gem that is supposed to take of burned of
maintaining and tweaking menu layout https://rubygems.org/gems/emenu.
It's main purpose is usage in larger projects or admin pages that have
a lot of options and a lot of rules regarding who gets to see what. It
is really rough on the edges, and I don't even have a quick link
options (that will depend on currently selected menu option), but I am
looking for as much feedback as I can get. Release early, release
often kind of thing.

This is my first gem ever so I spend most of yesterday on stupid
errors with Psych:Syck etc... but nevertheless it can be checked out
at: http://emenu.12ip.net/

This is example DSL needed to fuel that demo:

@menu = MenuConfig.new
@menu.item :transportation do
  item :cars
  item :trains do
    item :fast_trains
    item :slow_trains
  item :planes do
    item :boeing do
      item :boeing747 do
        item :older_ready_to_crash
        item :brand_new
      item :boeing474
    item :airbus
@menu.item :orders do
  item :bread
  item :butter
  item :chunky_bacon

Best Regards,

Kresimir Bojcic