[Engines Guide] extending controllers and models

Asked this question on Rails core google group. Got some answers, nothing definitive. (see response). Anyone working on it? If not, I’ll provide an initial draft.

I believe that you’re on the right track with your model decorator idea and the same can be applied to controllers as well. Do that.

Before I start writing, I think it would be edit the http://edgeguides.rubyonrails.org/engines.html#improving-engine-functionality to describe extending Rails Engines by explaining,

  • how to add methods to existing engine models/controllers
  • how to override methods of existing engine models/controllers
  • how to use ActiveSupport::Concern to structure Engine models/controllers

Gosh, I feel like this is growing into a book.

Yes, I agree with these things.

A book about engines has crossed my mind more than once :slight_smile: