Encrypt or password protect PDF document created with Ruport

I am using Ruport and Rupdf to create PDF document,
I want to encrypt the PDF document with some password.

I have gone through the PDF::Write#encrypt method, But I am not able to
use it with Ruport.

If anyone already done this or have any idea how to do it with ruport
please reply.

Thanks in advance....

PDF::Writer's encryption code was broken so we removed it from 1.1.4

Ruport depends on the later versions of PDF::Writer, so basically, we
need someone to submit a patch to fix the encryption to fix your
problem :-/

I know very well how PDF format works. Where i need look to write a patch?

Luiz Vitor Martinez Cardoso

Hi Luiz,

Thanks for taking this into consideration..
I am also facing problem with watermark in PDF
I am successfully put watermark in the PDF its rendering as watermark on
all pages but still the text coming backside of the watermark image.
I am able to select the text at the back of the image, so image is with
watermark property.

So if you or anyone gone through this issue please let me know..

Bhushan Ahire
Blog: blog.bhushangahire.net

Luiz Vitor Martinez Cardoso wrote:

Since you have a good understanding of preparing a .pdf output, would
you happen to know anyone who can include a code39 barcode in
these .pdf Ruport reports?
The Ruport guys ignore my emails on this subject and I cannot proceed
with there product until I find a strategy for this. I'd be happy to
pay you or anyone else that might be able to 'pull this off'.