empty parameter submitted but .nil failed to detect it

hi guys

i have a form which has an element, "category id".

When i submit it with values, i can see param(:category) with a value
(as i print out that value in the controller's method.

Anyway, when i submit my form without selecting any category, the
method in the controller does not pick up on it.
I tried using .nil? but it doesn't work.

This is my code:
    def get_subcategories
        if params[:category]
         puts " I M in GET SUBCATEGORIES -" + params[:category] +
        @category = Category.find(params[:category])
        @sub_categories = @category.sub_categories.all
            puts "no given category id to retrieve the subcategory"

When i run the application and submit without a category value , i
notice that params[:category]
is still defined (hence printing out "I M in GET SUBCATEGORIES") when
it should not be.
I have even tried "params[:category].nil?"

Any ideas? In perl, i could test the variable for truth (IE if
($params->{'category'}) then ...

Would .blank? do what you want?


Colin’s right - I would code: if not params[:category].blank?

Hi friend,

U can try this,

if params[:catergory] != nil