embedding sort director icons in header using SortingHelper???


Can anyone recommend a way to embed the use of sort direction icons in table headers into the SortingHelper framework, i.e. so one does not have to manually calcaulate and add the right “down_arrow” / “right_arrow” images in?

For example (roughly speaking) I’m doing the follow kind of thing:

   <th><%= link_to "#{ image_tag("arrow_right.gif", {:border => 0}) } Name", @sorter.to_link("NAME", params) %></th>


PS. I should say I’m doing something like this at the moment…

<% if params[:sort] == "NAME" %>
    <th><%= link_to "#{ image_tag("arrow_down.gif", {:border => 0}) } Name", @

sorter.to_link(“NAME”, params) %>
<% else %>

<%= link_to “#{ image_tag(“arrow_right.gif”, {:border => 0}) } Name”, @sorter.to_link(“NAME”, params) %>
<% end%>