Elementary "OR" question

I know this is super basic, but I need some help.

In my view, which displays a form, if a field is nil or if there are
errors when the form is submitted, display "A", otherwise, display "B".

I can't figure out how to test for condition 1 OR 2. Instead the code
always executes "A".

Sample code looks like this:
<% if model.field.nil? or model.errors %>

You'll always get at least an empty array from model.errors

<% if model.field.nil? || model.errors.size > 0

<%= A %>
<% else %>
<%= B %>
<% end %>

Any thoughts?


I also tend to use || rather than or in this type of expression so the ultra-low precedence of 'or' doesn't cause seemingly odd behavior at times. (Of course, I worked in C for many years so || just seems natural.)


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