Editing html online

Hello list,

My client wants a portal for his company. As far as Rails is concerned, all the functionality we came to agree on would be a piece of cake to implement on Rails. However, there’s something I’d like to have some advice on: He wants the pages of this portal to be editable online, similar to a wiki but the difference would be that every page would be editable via seperated admin interface. I’m not sure if eRB would be a good solution for this, I think I would have to use another templating language (since the objective is to have designers to mess with the page without bothering me or any other developers).

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Marcelo,
   this sounds a bit more like a CMS than a wiki. The key difference is that
designers can alter styles & layouts independently of developers or
content submitters.

You should look at some of the Ruby CMS systems that are available
(I am sorry that I can't give you names or URLs offhand, but googling
or searching rubyforge should get you a few hits).