Editable data grid

Does anyone have a good recommendation for implementing an editable
data grid (like a spreadsheet) based on a dbase table/model?

What I would like is something similar to Google Spreadsheets.


Rm Rm wrote:

Can you please let us know if you were able to make an editable grid ?

One might clone in_place_editor all over the page.

However, SQL has a notorious problem storing simple arrays, and in_place_editor inherits this. You can't pass an index in, so you can't run a whole bunch of them all over a page, each with a distinct record :id to hit.

I "solved" the problem by dumping the source of in_place_editor into my project, renaming it by adding _indexed, passing an index in, and gluing it onto the end of the model.

try this great grid:

passing and storing data with xml builder works fine.