Eager Loading Polymorphic Associations


I’m searching for a method of eager loading polymorphic associations under activerecord 2.0.2. After some initial google-fu I came up with a link to an enhancement that’s been added to edge:

Anyone have any idea how long that might take to work its way into a general release? I’m early in development now so I can afford to wait a while instead of introducing any dubious work arounds.


That patch is not in the current edge. Current edge has a different :include mechanism (from ticket 9640) which does know how to eager load polymorphic associations, so 2.1 will be able to do this. I don't have the faintest clue when 2.1 will be out, but if running edge for now is an option then you might want to go with that (or try and backport that patch to 2.0.2. I imagine it would apply without too much difficulty, but then you'd also want to track down any bug fixes made to it)


I should also point out that 9640 solves the problem in an entirely different way