Dynamic task scheduler


I want to present the user with a list of jobs that are scheduled for the entire year. For instance, for an administrative system, the user can determine how far ahead an invoice should be sent. The default is 1 month ahead. So an invoice with date 2012-12-01 will be scheduled to be sent at 2012-11-01. If before this time the user changes his preferences and sets it to two months, the date should be updated to 2012-10-01. This should obviously be reflected in the calendar/list of jobs.

Anybody know any existing solution that does this?

Every Rails job scheduler I’ve seen accepts jobs in like format:

require ‘active_support’


:class => :example_worker,

:job_key => :schedule_test,

:worker_method => :other_method,

:trigger_args => {

:start => Time.now + 5.seconds,

:end => Time.now + 10.minutes,

:repeat_interval => 30.seconds


Which is good, but not very dynamic so I can’t use it.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

– CmdJohnson

What about https://github.com/bvandenbos/resque-scheduler