Dynamic Find using LIKE

I personally feel that this should go in the model in a 'search'
method. You also need to santitize your terms. I use something like
this (untested):

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.search(terms)
    terms = terms.split(" ")
    conditions = ["", {}]
    term_count = 0
    terms.each do |term|
      conditions[1][:"word_#{term_count}"] = "%#{term}%"
      conditions[0] << "(my_column LIKE :word_#{term_count}) AND "

      term_count += 1

    conditions[0].gsub!(/ AND$/)
    find(:all, :conditions => conditions)

Your action can then look like this:

def search
   @results = Book.search(params[:terms])

As mentioned above, this is untested code. It's purely from memory to
demonstrate the concepts to consider and you'll probably want to tidy
it up. The main points are: Use Rails's built in condition handlers
so that you get santitized SQL and keep your controllers thin - you
never know when you'll need to search your data outside of the web

Hope that helps,