dynamic content inside a view - how to do


I have a program where customer can make different conditions (sales promotions), I dont want to create view for each promotion for customers to choose.

What I thought of is, if I could save a given promotion's view's (html) code in a database and load it when user selects a give promotion

I can do it with plan HTML like,

<%= promotion.view_html%>

promotion is the db object view_html is the column which has the html code of the view

But when there is ruby code like loop, etc... in my html view, although i can save it in the database with out a problem, i cant view it

I tried to use yield, but still fails

below is my dynamic html view

<%= @promotons = Promotion.find(:all)%> <% for promoton in @promotons %> <li><%= promoton.name%></li> <%end%>

How can i do something like this, (I hope my question is clear :)) or Am i doing something wrong ?!

thanks in advance

cheers sameera