Duplicating an instance which is a duplicate of another


Following is the code,

shared_context “of cloning” do let(:cloned_record) {donor.dup} let(:second_cloned_record) {donor.dup} let(:clone_of_cloned) {cloned_record.dup}

it “returns new record” do cloned_record.should be_new_record end

it “saves returned record properly” do cloned_record.should be_valid end

it “returns record that could be successfully saved” do cloned_record.save.should be_true end end

The line is bold/red is the one which is I have doubt about. When I try to use clone_of_cloned.name in any other function, it doesn’t responds. The code gets stuck there.

What exactly is the behavior "gets stuck" ? And what do you mean by "It doesn't responds" ?Please include output and error messages.