Dumping 12,000+ records into seeds.rb?

I have a legacy e-commerce app that's got about 12,000 inventory items in it, including pairings between items in one model to items in another. There's no way we'll have the manpower to manually add all those items and their pairings again ("ah cannah dew ih, cap'n!"), so I'm hoping to write a series of either Ruby or raw SQL scripts to move the data from my legacy DB to my current development DB, then run something that will dump all the information in my new development DB (once properly re-formatted for use in the new data schema) straight into seeds.rb so I can just load the schema and seed it upon deployment.

Does anyone know of an existing tool that'll help get the job done? Thanks!

Hi   Try this http://github.com/mbleigh/seed-fu

      It can read from csv. That may help you