dry_crud 1.0.0

dry_crud generates simple and extendable controller, views and helpers
that support you to DRY up the CRUD code in your Rails project. Start
with these elements and build a clean base to efficiently develop your
application upon. Version 1.0.0 is built for Rails 3.


The main idea of dry_crud is to concentrate basic functionality of
your application, like CRUD actions, uniform formatting, forms and
tables into specifically extendable units. dry_crud generates various
foundation classes that you may freely adapt to your application’s
needs. For each model, you may transparently customize arbitrary parts
or just fallback to the general behavior. This applies not only for
controllers, but also for view templates and helpers.

A core element of dry_crud is the RenderInheritable module. This gives
you inheritable views and partials. In the default case, a template is
searched in the current controller’s view folder. If it is not found
there, the template with the same name in the view folder of the
superclass controller is used. This lookup path might be customized as
well. RenderInheritable is also available as a stand-alone gem at

Enjoy dry_crud and stay DRY!


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