Download random images from unspash or show them with a helper

Hello, let me present another little gem from our team:

It can help with the problem of having real-like images for your website during development. From own experience, I know that from time to time I need to put a photo of a building, car, or just a motivated person for a blog post. I always go to google images, search for images, download and use them.

So with this gem I can download a set of random images by tags, or even by resolution, and use laster for development or seeds. It’s using Unspash API to get random images.

Gem has

  • CLI tool to download files locally
  • rails helper to show random image inside the app

Give it a try and a start on Github.


awesome! and I start it

is it inspired after you read this fake_picture/fake_picture.rb at 06c6f24780d581ee1809e850c01682e1bf6819c7 · loqimean/fake_picture · GitHub?

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