Don't show form fields

I have just changed to Rails 2.0. I have red how the new scaffold is
used. But while reading and doing a guide, I have this problem. After
creating a scaffold of my model I implement the migration and rake it. I
enter in MySQL to be sure that the table is created and everything is
ok. But when I visit the scaffold URL the app seams not to detect that
the table is created or that the table has no fields so everything
appears blank. When I hit the "Create" button the validation warnings
pop up as normal but the field inputs don't appear nowhere. I have
restarted the server after the rake db:migration and I have tried to
migrate to VERSION=0 and reraked but I have the same problem.
Any idea?

Ok, ok. I have found lots of answers now. It seems that dynamic
scaffolding is not longer supported as we used to know it.
Sorry for the, I think, so repeated question since 2.0.