don't save fixtures into database


I'm using RSpec on Rails and it seems that my fixtures are saved into the database. I don't want that. Does the fixtures call take any parameters to don't commit the examples to the database? I can't find the docs for that. Can anyone point to me where they are?

Thanks, Tiberiu

And which database did you configure in your database.yml, the same database that your development environment is using? They should be in different databases because when you run the specs it will reload all data in the tables that relate to the fixtures you’re calling.

Try to make different database for your test environment so it will not be mixed to your development or production database.


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ok I will close it. thank you Ryan.

Thanks Ryan. I was kind of surprised when I had to manually change spec_helper.rb and set ENV["RAILS_ENV"] to "development". I will create a test db. I do want to know, is there a way of not saving the fixtures in the database, or do I have to delete them in the teardown method?

Thanks, Tiberiu

Why would you want to delete them? The fixtures are going to be in the test database until you load more fixtures in.

Because my model creates files/directories on the disk.