Does RoR support Shift-JIS encoding

Hi all,

I want to build a Japanese website by RoR.
Does RoR support Shift-JIS encoding?

Or does it have plug-in support Shift-JIS encoding?

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Although the Rails-Core list is meant for discussion on development of the framework, I would like to reply because the answer is probably not widely known.

Rails currently defaults to UTF-8 everywhere. You can, in theory, use Shift-JIS and any other encoding if you like but don't expect it to be easy. You will have to:

1. Make sure your database and data is Shift-JIS
2. Make sure the connection to the database is Shift-JIS (using database.yml and the encoding configuration option)
3. Make sure all Rails internal string handling is Shift-JIS, by writing your own Chars handler (See UTF8Handler), or don't use any text helpers etc.
4. Override the default encoding set in the content-type sent by Rails
5. Set the encoding specifically in your HTML

If you don't have any special reason to use Shift-JIS for your project, it's probably easier to just use UTF-8. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me personally.


Thank you very much!

A while ago I was messing with ShiftJIS and found some pretty helpful
methods in the RSS::Converter library (in the ruby core lib), such as
def_to_utf_8_from_shift_jis() or def_to_utf_8_from_shift_jis(). It
does seem a little random using an RSS library if you're not doing RSS
stuff, but it worked pretty well for me. The only drawback - from what
I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) - is that there are different
interpretations of Shift JIS, so the input that you get might not
exactly be compatible with your interpreter,


jpmobile plugin can translate UTF-8 to SJIS using filters in
controller. You can write your code by UTF-8 and store users' data by

Although this plugin aims to build websites for mobile phones in
Japan, you will find the way to use Shift-JIS in your application.