very easily.

There are so many resources.

Hello Joe, to answer your question, yes.

I have recently started playing with docker and can tell you that it’s quite straight forward and works well with Ubuntu 14 - 16, and here is the big picture.

You will create a Docker file and a Docker-compose file, and write a specific set of instructions of what to install on your image and what ports you will open etc.

My colleague has more experience and he set up the files etc, and I just ran the commands which worked well, but you can create all those with a good tutorial.

The same files and some variants of those will be used to create the image on production.

Using that setup you can develop locally, and then when you need you can deploy to something more general like AWS using their integrations, or something more specific like a hosting created for Docker only.

Give everything a try and find a few good tutorials to follow (there’s also an on-line free version docker book) and see if you like it.


This code is broken but: https://github com/parkez/parkez-api

This code is broken but:

I did it in like maybe an hr or. 2.

Sorry for the spam: here’s the dockerfile: My Docker Compose file: Like I said, this is in an unstable state