Do we have something similar to Laravel's Telescope

I saw Laravel Telescope and I think it’s useful to Rails development as well. Even some of my friends coming from Laravel is asking the same. Maybe there’s already one available.

So, do we have something equivalent?


I think Laravel has a whole bunch of really interesting stuff like this that I would love to see land in Rails at some point otherwise I feel like we really run the risk of an even bigger gap in the developer experience between Rails and Laravel.

I tried to put together a bit of a post comparing some of the differences between Rails and Laravel out of the box in the hope it would inspire and start some interesting conversations. I might have over done it a little though since it didn’t get any responses :joy:

@mdh I did read your post on Laravel and much appreciated it. Thank for taking the time to write it.

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No problems!

I’m mostly just curious to see what kind of appetite there even is for that level of abstraction in the Rails community because I have a handful of good ideas and I think Laravel has also set a really nice standard of essentially building out the infrastructure required to build and run an application as a business.