Displaying an existing web page within one of my rails pages

You could use and iframe. Your use it like this:

iframe’s have several other atributes other than src. You can specify scrolling, width, hieght, border, etc. w3schools.com is a good resource.

Good luck


Here's an alternative method using iframes. Haven't used it myself.

Description: Want to dynamically include the contents of another page onto the current without resorting to server side means (ie: server side includes)? This script uses the IFRAME tag, and by automatically resizing it based on the actual height of the containing page, allows you to seamlessly display external content on your page. In other words, the iframe is automatically resized to be only as tall as the external page's height. The script works in both IE5+ and NS6+, and for other browsers, supports the option to either completely hide the iframe in question or display it using its default height. Now that's SSI DHTML style!

Note that as with SSI, the external page referenced by the iframe must be from the same domain as the page the iframe tag is inserted in. Setting the iframe's src to an external site such as "http:// www.google.com" will not work, since the script cannot probe and detect the height of pages from external domains.

Iframe SSI script