display ppt file in rails application

Hello Evereyone...!

I am trying to create rails application like slideshare, I had properly
upload my ppt file in to database when I want to perform/display that
particular presentation file.

How can i achieve that without using thirdparties application like
upload ppt file into scribd etc..

please anybody suggest me or give some usefull gems for that...!

is there anybody given solution to me?

I am really glad to know this slideshare app is also developed using
ruby on rails. How can they achieve it......!!


ruby_powerpoint is probably a decent place to start:


Note that it only works with new-style pptx files.

For the old format, GOOD LUCK. They are poorly-documented and tricky to work with. Tools like Docsplit (http://documentcloud.github.io/docsplit/) might do what you want for these, but they depend on LibreOffice - and correspondingly, can only read PPT files that work in LibreOffice.

One gotcha: none of these will replicate any of the more complex behaviors (animations, transitions). ruby_powerpoint doesn’t even give text style info back, just text and images.

–Matt Jones