Display fields in view dependent on an sql value

Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can help me.

I'm just starting ou so this may seem a bit mundane to some people. I
have a view which I need to display certain fields if a particular
value is selected in the database.

The example is similar to a blog post where you may or may not want to
show a source link. So in the backend there is a tick box which is
attached to a sql boolean value then if that is ticked you can also
put the link in for the source location.

On the front end however if the boolean is set to false I don't want
to display the data in that field. What's the best way of going about

I suggest you run through some tutorials on rails and then I think the
question, and many others, will likely be answered. railstutorial.org
is good, and free to use online. http://railsforzombies.org/ looks
like it might be fun though I have not tried it in detail. Make sure
that you are using Rails 3 and that the tutorial is for Rails 3.

Also have a look at the Rails Guides.

To answer your question, in the view erb test the boolean and display
or not as appropriate.