Different views/same action

Good evening all.

I have two different places in my app that need to call the same
controller/action and react differently in terms of output. In other
words, in one case I want to use some rjs to update a page in a certain
way and in another case - I'd like to to do something entirely different
to a different/distinct page but use the same controller/action.

Say controller is foo and action is 'unsubscribe'...

class Foo << ApplicationController
  def unsubscribe
     foo = SomeModel.find(params[:id])
     if foo

    # in one case i want to update the calling page (x) with some
    # in another, the page has a completely different dom and i need to
do something else
    render :update do |page|

Is the answer to just create two actions here?

@Cory, take a look at the RJS proxies for the DOM. Things like
page.select(...).any should help for what you're trying to achieve.