Different User Types

Camilo Cienfuegos wrote:


I need help. I have an application that has two user types (A and B),
each with their own model/table. User Type A can create information
within their sub-domain account (I'm using account_location plugin for
this). They have access to three controllers.

User Type B has no such powers. She can only browse the home-page and
sub-domain accounts, and maybe, in the future , organise content for her
own viewing.

I'm using some basic authentication for User Type A, with a
before_filter in application.rb that determines account ID (from the
sub-domain) and whether the appropriate user has logged in. For the
home-page, I have a skip_before_filter for the application.rb
authentication functions. So now, an anonymous user can access functions
within the home-page controller in order to view content. How can I
authenticate user type B so that she can have a few extra privileges
than an anonymous user, throughout the homepage controller and another
controller that will cater for viewing of sub-domain accounts, without
interfering with User Type A authentication? Can I still use the
application.rb for additional authentication functions for User Type B?

Thank you for your time.

Camilo Cienfuegos

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Couple of points here.

First, check to see if your user models are similar enough that you may
actually want to use single table inheritance.

Second, take a look at the User/Login Engines. They allow you to
define which actions a user can access based on their 'role'. This
sounds a lot like what you are trying to do.