devise administrating users

How do I edit users when i have devise_for :users and resources :users I have a users controller with it’s own whitelist and then I can whitelist for devise in application_controller.rb What’s the status of the crud users controller and it’s whitelist? I’ve been trying to edit a user but the changes don’t take It says user was successfully updated but then when I click edit again nothing’s changed

The order of inclusion in the routes file is important here. If you have:

devise_for :users

[followed by]

resources :users

...then the rake routes command will show you that the `user PATCH` path will be handled by the users_controller. If you have those two in the opposite order, then you will see that `users PATCH` (note the plural) will be handled by the devise_controller, and the path will be named users_registration.

What do you see when you rake routes in your application? You may also need to restrict your resources :users route to just a few actions with the `only: [:your, :actions, :here]` syntax. Also, what does your devise_for look like? I have found that the order of module inclusion can be important.


Hey Walter Thanks Actually it was some database columns needed renaming but the info you gave me above is pretty good Thanks