Developing a social networking site; acts_as_votable (aka acts_as_likeable)

i’m trying to follow this tutorial How to develop a social network using Ruby on Rails | by Sudharsanan Muralidharan | Rails, Ember & Beyond | Medium but on line 1 of _form.html.erb for likes the author says <% if current_user.liked? likeable %> When i ran the app it raised the error undefined method likeable

Undefined method likeable for what object? As I suspect I have pointed out previously it is always best to copy/paste the complete error message.

I cannot see where the liked? method is defined. Do you know where it comes from?


from the acts_as_followable gem, i was hoping someone would look at the page and tell me their interpretation but I guess that’s not what this group is for


Yikes, what does this mean? <%= render ‘likes/form’, likeable: resource %>


there’s a “respond to js” at the top of the likes_controller how’s that supposed to work? in your view is it acceptable to redirect to request.referrer or do i wanna modify the dom with javascript to change between like and unlike being displayed

The controller socify/likes_controller.rb at master · scaffeinate/socify · GitHub doesn’t respond with any rendering I don’t wanna redirect I just wanna change the like button to the unlike button so how would i do that


Sorry, wrong link.

It's already doing exactly that. Check the respond_to[1] line at the top of the controller and the corresponding views[2].

[1] ActionController::MimeResponds

Should be

thanks, will read