Deserialize JSON post body

I'm doing an HTTP post to my controller with an xml request body:

curl -u 53b2c:X -H "Content-Type: text/xml" -v -d
"<subscriber><full_name>Alex Egg</full_name><carrier_id>2</

<sub_categories type=\"array\"><sub_category>1</


" http://localhost:3000/subscribers/helper.xml

Rails deserialized xml xml into a subscriber hash:

Parameters: {"subscriber"=>{"carrier_id"=>"2", "sub_categories"=>["1",
"a"], "full_name"=>"Alex Egg", "password"=>"asdf",
"mobile_phone"=>"1234321843"}, "format"=>"xml", "action"=>"helper",

However, if I do the same post with a JSON body, it fails to find
anything in the body:

curl -u 53b2c:X -H "Content-Type: application/json" -v -d
'{"subscriber":{"carrier_id":2, "full_name":"alex egg",
"mobile_phone":"7605554311", "password":"asdf", "sub_categories":
[1,2]}}' http://localhost:3000/subscribers/helper.json

Parameters: {"format"=>"json", "action"=>"helper",

And I get this back in the response:

[["carrier_id", "can't be blank"], ["full_name", "can't be blank"],
["mobile_phone", "can't be blank"], ["mobile_phone", "is too short
(minimum is 10 characters)"]]

Shouldn't rails be able to deserialize the JSON body?