DEPRECATION WARNING: observer is deprecated


I am getting the following warning:

DEPRECATION WARNING: observer is deprecated and will be removed from Rails 2.0 See for details.

And I would like to know how do I have to replace the ActiveRecord::Observer class. Nowadays, I am using Ruby 1.8.6, do I have to change it for the 2.0 version?

I have done a small research, but found almost nothing. On the there is nothing about observer.

Then,I have read somewhere is that "What's deprecated is calling 'observer' from a controller. Instead, you need to set it in your config/environment.rb file:         config.active_record.observers = :user_observer"

Is it correct? Otherwise what I should change?

Thank you for your help,


Yes, that's correct, you need to list your observers in that line instead of calling the old "observer" method in your controller.


Thank you very much!