Deployment problem with Capistrano

I have everything set up that I need - SVN, webserver (Apache2.2), mongrels, etc. Capistrano is deploying the site well enough, to a point.

I need to create sym-links to my file-column created content directories (in shared) and copy the database.yml file (also from shared) into the current folder.

I've written the following task:

desc "Copy the database config file over and set up sym links to the content" task :after_update_code do   db_config = "#{shared_path}/config/database.yml"   puts "Cropying config files and creating content sym-links... "   sudo "cp #{db_config} #{release_path}/config/"   sudo "ln -s #{shared_path}/public/product #{release_path}/public/product"   sudo "ln -s #{shared_path}/public/preview #{release_path}/public/preview" end

and placed it in deploy.rb.

Typing 'rake remote:show_tasks' shows the task as available. Deploying the app doesn't work however - the .yml file isn't copied and the mongrels get bored and wander off. No sym-links either.

If I then type:

rake remote:after_update_code

I get: