Deployment Howto - REE + Passenger + AWS (EC2, EBS, snapshots)

Hi there,

We are a software firm based in India. We are a 100% FOSS firm and RoR is one of the core focus areas.

We contribute to RoR (and FSF)in various ways - code as well as cash donations. We also publish some how-tos and tech issues on our blogs.

We are running a production server on AWS. Here is the howto for REE + passenger + AWS + EBS

You can read the full howto here:

The tutorial on our blogs:

There is also a how to run it with Mongrel in an older post.

The how-to is released under FDL. You can use/publish as you see fit.

Thanks, kc K. C. Ramakrishna kcr at members dot fsf dot org